Stainless Steel Lot Markers


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PERMA-MARK prices are extremely competitive with all but “economy” markers. If you are using aluminum, marble, steel, or plastic markers, you’ll enjoy substantial savings right from the start.


If you are still using an auger-installed marker, PERMA-MARK will cut your installation time and costs by 80% or more! If you are using an integral spike marker, you will find your crews will plant at least twice as many PERMA-MARK’s per hour. We can scribe the lot markers for you and there is never any wasted time sorting or resorting due to out-of-sequence numbers. 100 PERMA-MARK lot markers come packed in numerical order in compact 4” x 4” x 12” (10.16 cm x 10.16 cm x 30.48 cm), sturdy, recyclable cardboard cartons for fast, convenient and eco-friendly, fool-proof installation.


PERMA-MARK can cut your repair and replacement cost to “zero”: Our components will not crack or split. The stainless steel markers and carriage bolts will not deteriorate and separate as aluminum tends to and of course, rust is not an issue. Ground level installation means that mower blades and wheels will not damage PERMA-MARK’s lot markers.


Is snow a problem for you? You can easily pinpoint a PERMA-MARK lot marker location precisely and quickly. PERMA-MARK’s are magnetic. All you need is a metal detector, coat, hat and gloves!


Number your own PERMA-MARK discs with our Numbering Machine. It is ideal for on-location replacement of missing or damaged older markers. The machine is simple to operate and for a limited time we are including a complimentary set of number dies!


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